School from age 2

Preschool gives children an advantage

Within our schools, dedicated pre-kindergarten sections have been set up, specifically for children from the age of 2.
The learning provided to our very young pupils is naturally based on Montessori pedagogy, in an environment adapted to their age and rhythm.
Gaining confidence and autonomy, as well as learning to live with their little friends, to best prepare children for their entry into kindergarten, are our main commitments in pre-school.

Class composition for 2-3 year-olds

Groups of 12-14 children for 2 educators

The child is welcomed for 1 year, in a group of children aged 2 to 3.

Groups of 18-20 children for 3 teachers in the largest classrooms

The child is welcomed for 1 year, in a group of children aged 2 to 3.

An educational program dedicated to our youngest students
In our pre-kindergarten sections, 2-year-olds are integrated into real classrooms, fully equipped with Montessori teaching materials. This is no longer a crèche or shared childcare. It's time to learn!
By joining his class group, the child will progressively
strengthen their concentration, exercise their fine and gross motor skills, and work on alltheir brain's executive functions, all of which will be a great help to them as they continue their school career.
Attending school from the age of 2 is a real opportunity for children, because the earlier they start learning, the sooner they'll feel at ease and enjoy school life.

Adapting to 2-year-olds


Nap Time

Nap time is for all children in pre-school and the first year of kindergarten.
Organized from 12:30 to 2:30/3pm, children can take the time they need to rest.
Each child has his or her own bed in the nap room, with a sheet and blanket provided by the school.

Toilet Learning

Most pre-school children are not yet potty-trained.
The educators take care of the children during diaper changes and gradually guide them towards cleanliness.

Objective: a diaper-free start to nursery school!

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