Pedagogical project

Dedicated to Early Childhood Learning

A 100% bilingual school

The Montessori Method

Our founding principles

A warm welcome for children and their families

Daily interaction with families is one of our top priorities.

Access to an international, 100% bilingual environment

Every opportunity is taken to bring the children's cultures and nationalities to life. An invigorating melting pot that reflects our values.
high potential

Supporting children's high potential

Neuroscientists, pediatricians and early childhood professionals all agree that these first years of life, from 0 to 6, are crucial to the development of the child.
Gemma & Tommaso

Preparing students for entry into CP

Report regularly and in detail on your child's progress at school, and encourage your child's learning on a daily basis. Objective: a successful start to CP!

Nurturing creativity

Giving children the opportunity to express their creativity every day: art, sports, music, yoga and philosophy are all an integral part of123 mon école's educational program.

Ensuring impeccable safety and hygiene

The cleanliness and good upkeep of our schools are of the utmost importance to us.
The children and our teams work in a reassuring, healthy environment.

Preschool gives children an advantage

Within our schools, dedicated pre-kindergarten sections are fully equipped,
specifically for 2-year-olds.
The learning provided to our very young pupils is naturally based on the Montessori pedagogy, in an environment adapted to their age and rhythm.
adapted to their age and rhythm.
Gaining self-confidence and autonomy, but also learning to live with their little friends, to best prepare
are our main commitments in pre-kindergarten.

Sport, art, music and singing

Activities offered during school time, every week,
by experienced and passionate teachers!

Plastic arts

123 mon école has always worked closely with artists. They provide invaluable open-mindedness and lead the children into a variety of worlds, nurturing their imaginations. A wide variety of materials and media are made available to the children: Indian ink, chalk, collage, watercolors, clay, etc. The program includes outdoor frescoes, painting, self-portraits, drawing, modeling, exhibitions and the discovery of artists and works of art. See the children's works in Our Gallery!

Sport and motor skills

Its practice is fundamental to the development of essential motor skills: moving, balancing and manipulating objects, projecting or receiving them. Games for the very young are the first manifestations of this. Collective games are also an opportunity to buildteam spirit and learn to have fun around shared rules.

At 123 mon école, in order to ensure the highest quality of practice, motor skills and sports are taught by both the educators and our sports teachers.

Music and singing

By listening to the great composers and a variety of musical styles,
children sharpen their ears and become familiar with musical instruments. Several
are used to vary approaches to rhythm and pulsation: nursery rhymes,
onomatopoeia, body movements.
Children have at their disposal claves, tambourines, maracas, triangles and small xylophones.
triangles or small xylophones... With our instrumentarium, they are introduced to musical
musical practice.

Support for families

We know that listening attentively to families and being readily available to them are of paramount importance.
and availability. This creates a climate of trust and a quality of relationship that is vital to the children's development.
children's development. This makes day-to-day school life a warm and pleasant experience for all.

Parents can request an appointment at any time to clarify a question, share a particular
a particular situation or ask for advice. The management is there to listen to each and every one of our

The beginning and end of the school day

Every day, there is an opportunity for a short discussion between educators and parents.

Is there something
on your mind?

By e-mail or telephone, the team always responds promptly.

Request an appointment

Send an email to the administration team, who will put you in touch with the

Annual parent & educator meetings

Each year, the school organizes a series of meetings between December and January to take stock of the child's learning and daily life in the school environment.
and daily life in the school environment.

For parents

Online parent resources

Teachers monitor the children'sacquisition of skills,
in line with their overall development.

Secure blog

Children, those secretive little creatures, won't tell you about their day!
This secure blog, for theexclusive use of the school's parents, allows them to share their
their daily lives.

A simplified administrative process

Families can access their administrative portal online (invoices,
accompanying adults, etc.).

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