Bilingual Extracurricular Activities

123 mon école has been offering bilingual activities for all children!

123 mon école organizes bilingual English/French extra-curricular activities for children aged 2 to 7, including those not enrolled in school, on Wednesdays, after school and during school vacations.

A rare and precious feature, its bilingual activities are built on the continuity of the school's pedagogical project. They are carried out by a team made up mainly of the school's educators, who know the children and their families inside out.


On Wednesdays and during
school vacations

Activities offered at 123 mon école on Wednesdays and during school vacations are open to all children ages 2 to 6.

all day long

English is spoken all day long. The children are always
guided by one English-speaking and one French-speaking teacher.

Small-scale community

Small groups of 13 children are guided by two instructors.

An enriched program
during school vacations

Each vacation period, we offer new workshops on themes such as theater, permaculture, the circus arts, pottery, and architecture.


A wide range of activities

Each week, our team of Montessori teachers and enthusiastic artists creates a new activity program.

After-School Enrichment
(reserved for children enrolled at the school)

Workshops include: Screen-free coding
The Magic of Science
Cooking, etc.

Enrol your child online,
by the year or "à la carte

Register for a year or a single session. Use our websites
to sign up for the dates that fit your schedule.

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