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Frequently asked questions

FAQ : We tell you about the registration

How to register?

- Registration is done online in a few clicks. You can submit an application directly on our website

What are the registration dates for pre-school?

- Registration for 2-3 year olds is open throughout the year.

What about kindergarten?

- In kindergarten for 3-6 year olds, they are open from mid-October for the following
the following year and until April.

What about families arriving from abroad?

- There is no registration deadline for families arriving from abroad.

What if a sibling joins the school?

- Siblings are given priority as well as children moving from pre-school to kindergarten within
kindergarten, within123 mon école.

How to visit the school?

- We offer individual visits of open houses in person or by video. All these slots are available online on our website.

Is there a selection of children?

- No, 123 mon école has only the requirement to create an age balance as well as a harmonious distribution within the same class group.

FAQ: Wednesdays at 123 mon école.

On Wednesdays, what do we do at 123 mon école ?

- On Wednesdays we welcome children, between 2 and 7 years old, from123 mon école but not only...

What if my child is not enrolled in school, is it possible for him/her to come?

- Yes, many children from outside the area participate in the Wednesday activities, in order to enjoy our bilingual setting and a softer atmosphere than that of the classic leisure centers.

What are your hours?

- From 9am to 5pm or half time from 9am to 12:30pm, with lunch or from 12:30pm to 5pm without lunch.

Who are your teams?

- Some of our educators are there part-time, in collaboration with visual artists, dancers, musicians... A nice way to continue to welcome your children with familiar faces and to enrich our program with passionate artists.

Is it always bilingual?

- Yes, we maintain our bilingual system on Wednesdays and vacations. Two caregivers, one English-speaking and one French-speaking, work together with a small group of children.

What do the children do at the Wednesday activities?

- On the menu: sports, art workshops led by artists, cooking and baking and much more to discover...

How many per group?

- There are on average 13/14 children for two caregivers. Our goal is to create a gentle community, halfway between home and school

Our plus ?

- A dedicated blog for parents that allows you to share their Wednesday day in pictures and videos.

FAQ : Bilingualism

How does bilingualism work at 123 mon école ?

- There are always two educators in each class, one Anglophone and one Francophone. The Anglophone speaks with the children in English all day and the Francophone in French. English is spoken all day long at 123 mon école. It is very important that the child identifies a language with a person. The quantity and regularity of the transmission of a language contributes to a well rooted learning.

How does English develop in the daily life of the school?

- English is present at every moment of the day, at lunchtime, when the child puts on his coat, in the garden, in his classroom since he is always surrounded by his two educators, English-speaking and French-speaking. 50% of the books are in English as well as the songs which are also part of the highlights of the day for the children.

If my child speaks French to the English-speaking teacher?

- No worries, she will always answer him in English and with a smile. We don't force children to speak English!

Are your English-speaking educators all native speakers?

- No, not all of our educators are native speakers. On the other hand, their English should not be different from a native speaker, both in terms of vocabulary and pronunciation. The team at123 mon école, like itself, comes from all over the world and reinforces its international DNA and openness to the world.

If my child does not speak English, is this a problem for his/her adaptation?

- 123 mon école is a bilingual school so there is always a French-speaking teacher with the children so your child will always be reassured by the presence of French throughout the day.

Will my child turn to his French-speaking teacher if he doesn't speak English?

- Yes, this may be the case at first, but English-speaking educators always find a way to connect with the children, with a smile, with gestures that accompany their communication around everyday situations.

Is kindergarten the right time to learn other languages? Doesn't my child risk confusion as he sets up his language?

- The phonic system of English is very different from that of the French language, so learning French and English simultaneously is consistent. This is why French speakers have such a hard time mastering a good accent in English. We are both French speakers, will our child become bilingual after several years at 123 mon école ?

- Children are all different, some have more or less ease in learning languages, however, continuous exposure to English prepares and facilitates mastery in a concrete way, as it is rooted in daily life and this for several years.

FAQ : The nap

Does my child have the right to a blanket and a pacifier?

- Each child has his or her own bed and can sleep with his or her blanket and pacifier if he or she needs them.

How do children wake up?

- The children wake up gradually and at their own pace. On the other hand, for the big sleepers and to avoid "the night club" on the family side in the evening, we open the curtains to wake up the children gently.

How is the nap at 123 mon école ?

- All children from 2 to 3 years old as well as the first year of kindergarten take a nap in an individual bed with a sheet and blanket. Our teams also take care to accompany the children to sleep and adapt to the needs of each child.

Do children still nap in kindergarten?

- Yes, children still take naps in the first year of kindergarten.

What if my child doesn't want to nap?

- Nap time is very important for the little ones because it is a health issue. Therefore, we recommend that families preserve nap time for all 2 to 3 year olds in our two/three year old sections and for the first years of kindergarten.

Until what age can my child nap at 123 mon école ?

- Your child can nap until the first year of kindergarten. Very naturally, children do not need a nap around the age of 4.

FAQ : The meal at 123 mon école

Are there any organic products on the menus?

- Yes, our Ekilibre caterer offers many organic products and uses sustainable agriculture. There are also vegetarian menus every week. We do not offer any sweet desserts or bread in order to guarantee a balanced diet.

If my child has food allergies, how do I deal with the school?

- A food allergy must be discussed with a health professional in order to establish a PAI (individualized reception project), which must be sent to 123 mon école.

If my child has food intolerances what should I do?

- If it is not an allergy but a simple food intolerance, then a joint action must be determined with the educational team.

How is the meal going?

- The children have lunch in their classrooms with their educators. It is a calm and friendly time where the children participate actively and collectively in its organization.

What if my child doesn't want to eat what is offered?

- 123 mon école never forces the children to eat, but we encourage them to taste what is offered.

My child doesn't eat at school because I see him come home hungry at night?

- If the educational team notes that your child does not eat, or eats very little, at lunchtime, a meeting with the family will be proposed in order to study possible solutions.

FAQ : Practical life

My 2 year old is not yet potty trained, can he/she go to school?

- Yes, of course it is normal that your child is not potty trained.

The team of123 mon école will accompany him throughout the school year towards cleanliness, hand in hand with you, of course.

Is the snack provided by the school?

- No, the snack is not provided because we prefer that families choose the most appropriate snack for their child. Indeed, some families do not wish to give cake or sugar; to each his own!

How many children per class for 2/3 year olds?

- There are 14 children for two educators per class for children aged 2 to 3.

How many children per class for 3/6 year olds?

- There are 22 children for two educators per class for children aged 2 to 3.

FAQ : International and Multicultural

What are the families of123 mon école ?

- They look like our teams! We have over 30 nationalities in our different schools. There are many expatriate and multicultural families who already have several languages at home, and English is a way for them to travel and explore the world with their children.

- French people returning from expatriation, who also wish to continue to give their children the benefit of an English-speaking environment, also choose 123 mon école. And families from the neighborhood of course, who come to enjoy a bilingual Montessori school, right next door.

Do you have many English-speaking children in your schools?

- Yes, we have many English-speaking children, but not only! There are also other languages present in the school which reflect the international nature of our schools.