Transforming education

Today, education systems are at a crossroads. The Covid 19 pandemic has dealt a devastating blow to the learning opportunities of hundreds of millions of children and youth, exacerbating a pre-existing learning crisis and deepening inequities. Education must be transformed to equip learners with the knowledge, skills and values they need to meet new challenges and thrive in a rapidly changing world. For more information, click on the article.

Yoga workshop with Lise Bilien

Lise Bilien, yoga teacher, intervenes at 123 mon école to propose to the children a yoga workshop after school. She tells us how one of her workshops takes place and what her philosophy is with children. Thanks for watching this video and see you soon 😊

What is the value of alternative pedagogies when put to the test of scientific evaluation?

The so-called "new" pedagogies, such as Freinet or Montessori, encourage the autonomy and activity of students in learning. Researchers and teachers are now collaborating to evaluate the benefits on the brain of children. The teaching methods invented by Célestin Freinet and Maria Montessori have in common that they let students follow their natural impulse when faced with a range of activities... For more information, click on the article.

Integrating the classical system after a Montessori school?

Whether they come from a Montessori, Freinet, democratic school, or any other type of alternative school, the students will sooner or later have to return to the classic system. In fact, these "different" schools are mostly for kindergarten and primary school, but only very exceptionally for secondary school. Thus, many parents are concerned about this readjustment to a more traditional system. So, is it really difficult for these students to re-enter a traditional school? For more information, click on the article...

Sian - Bilingualism

Sian is an English speaking Montessori educator. 🌻 In each of our classrooms, there is an English-speaking Montessori educator and a French-speaking Montessori educator. In this video, Sian explains how this system works during the day with the children.👇 Thanks for watching this video and see you soon 😊

Montessori at home: the 1st colour box 🔺

This sensory material consists of 6 tablets containing a pair of the 3 primary colours: ❤️ 2 Red tablets 💙 2 Blue tablets 💛 2 Yellow tablets This work has 3 objectives: 🇬🇧 To learn the language around colours in the 2 languages (English and French) 👉 To carry out categorisation activities "This object is red". 👯 Learning the language of comparison "This object is blue, like that one" To see how to use this material click on the video below:

Montessori at home: Montessori stamps 🔺

Lila is 5 years old and learning maths with Montessori stamps. 👐 This material allows the child to progress towards abstraction in a progressive way and to reinforce his understanding of the function of each operation. In this way he builds his intelligence, his abstract thinking and his mathematical mind. 💡 To know how to use this material we invite you to watch the video below 💛

FAQ: Bilingualism 🇬🇧

How does bilingualism work at 123 mon école ? There are always two teachers in each class: one Anglophone and one Francophone. The English-speaking teacher speaks with the children in English all day and the French-speaking teacher in French. English is spoken all day at 123 mon école! It is very important that the child identifies a language with a person. The amount and regularity of language transmission contributes to deep-rooted learning. How does English develop in the...

DIY Tie and Dye ✏️

With the help of our artists, we make DIY (Do It Yourself) so that you can reproduce your children's wonderful works at home with them ♥️ This time, with the artist Melissa Boucher, the children made works on fabric In groups or individually, the children showed their originality and creativity as always and the results speak for themselves! Follow us on Instagram 🤩 View this post on Instagram A post shared by Bilingues & Montessori (@123monecole)

Works of Art 🌸

In our different schools, our students have the chance to work with talented artists 👩🎨 Throughout the year, during school hours but also during extra-curricular activities, Wednesdays and holidays, pupils create works of art 🎨 From abstract to realistic works through methods of great artists, children can express themselves in another way, in an artistic way 🌻 Our schools change their face every week thanks to our students 😍 Their works...

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