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Is Montessori teaching effective?

Born at the beginning of the 20th century, Montessori pedagogy has been gaining popularity in France over the past twenty years. The proliferation of books, games and private schools labelled "Montessori" bears witness to this phenomenon. But what does the research tell us about the effectiveness of Montessori pedagogy compared to other forms of pedagogy? Does this century-old pedagogy still have something to tell us about today's and tomorrow's schools? Montessori pedagogy: freedom in a structured environment Founded on a number of key principles,...

The advantages of bilingualism

The latest neuroscience studies suggest that early entry into a bilingual school can have several beneficial effects on children's development, including language, writing and social skills. Here are some of these potential effects: Language development: Children exposed to two languages from an early age tend to develop greater linguistic flexibility. Their verbal comprehension and expression skills can be improved in both languages, which in turn...

Children's use of screens

Boris Cyrulnik, psychiatrist, psychologist: "No screens at all before age 3!!!! Screens seriously alter children's cerebral development" [video src="" /]  

Article: Preparing for the start of the new school year so that your child can thrive in his new environment

💫 We're delighted to share with you an article recently published in Mon Ptit Boulogne's "Parenthood" section. A valuable source of information for parents as we head back to school. ⭐ The start of the new school year is a crucial time for families, and it's essential to prepare well so that the child can blossom fully in his new school environment. Marie-Fanny Fornasari, General Manager of bilingual school group 123 Mon École, shares her advice on various aspects...

Main differences between a bilingual Montessori kindergarten and a traditional kindergarten

A bilingual Montessori nursery school and a conventional nursery school differ in a number of respects, including pedagogical approach, language teaching and emphasis on child autonomy. Here's a brief comparison of the two systems: Pedagogy: Montessori pedagogy focuses on autonomy, discovery through manipulation and learning at one's own pace. Children choose their activities from several areas of learning, called "areas" in Montessori: we have practical life, the...

Why enroll your 2-year-old in a Montessori kindergarten?

Montessori pedagogy, developed by Maria Montessori in the early 20th century, emphasizes learning through manipulation, error control and autonomy. Here are a few key points that a Montessori school can bring to your child: Development of autonomy Children are encouraged to choose and practice educational activities on their own. This helps to develop self-confidence and free will, two essential qualities for the development of the child. Sensory stimulation Kindergarten students like to learn using...

Why should I enrol my child from the age of 2 in a bilingual nursery school?

Enrolling your child from the age of two at 123 mon école, the bilingual French-English Montessori kindergarten, offers remarkable advantages for his or her social, cognitive and neurosensory development. Enhanced language skills At our school, each class is led throughout the day by an English-speaking and a French-speaking educator. In this way, we promote natural language immersion, enabling your child to absorb and master both languages. Youngsters...

Is your child bored at nursery school or at home? Give them the chance to start kindergarten as early as age 2!

Having a bored 2-year-old at home or in day nursery is a source of concern for parents. However, there is a serious alternative that promotes the child's development: the bilingual Montessori nursery school. This "made-to-measure" educational approach offers a stimulating environment adapted to the particular needs of young children, enabling them to develop fully intellectually, socially and emotionally. Montessori pedagogy is based on the idea that each child is unique and endowed with...

Montessori schools: the right education for high-potential children

Our Montessori preschools, located in Paris and the 92 region, offer an original approach to education that is particularly well-suited to high-potential children, also known as "precocious" or "gifted". These precocious children, with intellectual capacities often well above the average for children of the same age at school, benefit at 123 mon école from an approach that takes into account their great sensitivity, while promoting autonomous learning and self-confidence. In this way, all children can...

123 mon école - the American-inspired bilingual Montessori kindergarten!

The founder of123 mon école grew up in the United States, at the heart of the American education system. On her arrival in France, she set out to recreate a unique and joyful school experience in Paris, imbued with this typically Anglo-Saxon approach. With its bilingual English-French program and families of many nationalities, the school offers a stimulating and open multicultural environment. Enrolment in our international school is open to children aged 2 to 6, offering them an exceptional opportunity...

Learning to read with the Montessori method

Learning to read is an exciting stage in a child's development. Montessori pedagogy offers a unique and effective approach to this fundamental acquisition. Based on the principles of Maria Montessori, this method emphasizes the use of materials that are both sensory and concrete, and that gradually give access to reading. Here's how you can help your child discover and enter the almost magical world of reading. The first...

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