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Montessori at home: the 1st colour box 🔺

This sensory material consists of 6 tablets containing a pair of the 3 primary colours: ❤️ 2 Red tablets 💙 2 Blue tablets 💛 2 Yellow tablets This work has 3 objectives: 🇬🇧 To learn the language around colours in the 2 languages (English and French) 👉 To carry out categorisation activities "This object is red". 👯 Learning the language of comparison "This object is blue, like that one" To see how to use this material click on the video below:

Montessori at home: Montessori stamps 🔺

Lila is 5 years old and learning maths with Montessori stamps. 👐 This material allows the child to progress towards abstraction in a progressive way and to reinforce his understanding of the function of each operation. In this way he builds his intelligence, his abstract thinking and his mathematical mind. 💡 To know how to use this material we invite you to watch the video below 💛

DIY Tie and Dye ✏️

With the help of our artists, we make DIY (Do It Yourself) so that you can reproduce your children's wonderful works at home with them ♥️ This time, with the artist Melissa Boucher, the children made works on fabric In groups or individually, the children showed their originality and creativity as always and the results speak for themselves! Follow us on Instagram 🤩 View this post on Instagram A post shared by Bilingues & Montessori (@123monecole)