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Article: Transforming education

Today, education systems are at a crossroads. The Covid 19 pandemic has dealt a devastating blow to the learning opportunities of hundreds of millions of children and youth, exacerbating a pre-existing learning crisis and deepening inequities. Education must be transformed to equip learners with the knowledge, skills and values they need to meet new challenges and thrive in a rapidly changing world. For more information, click on the article.

Article: What is the value of alternative pedagogies when put to the test of scientific evaluation?

The so-called "new" pedagogies, such as Freinet or Montessori, encourage the autonomy and activity of students in learning. Researchers and teachers are now collaborating to evaluate the benefits on the brain of children. The teaching methods invented by Célestin Freinet and Maria Montessori have in common that they let students follow their natural impulse when faced with a range of activities... For more information, click on the article.

Article: Integrating the classical system after a Montessori school?

Whether they come from a Montessori, Freinet, democratic school, or any other type of alternative school, the students will sooner or later have to return to the classic system. In fact, these "different" schools are mostly for kindergarten and primary school, but only very exceptionally for secondary school. Thus, many parents are concerned about this readjustment to a more traditional system. So, is it really difficult for these students to re-enter a traditional school?

It's spring, little bear!

IT'S SPRINGTIME, LITTLE BEAR! A very nice album to make the transition between Winter and Spring, and to celebrate the renewal of nature! When Little Bear wakes up at the end of winter, there is still snow outside and everything is silent... Little Bear feels lonely and goes in search of a friend to play with. But all the animals are busy preparing for spring! Little Bear finds a funny friend...

I love you this big

An album full of poetry to say "I love you" in your own way... "Loving makes you grow wings, loving makes you want to shout it out loud, to sing it, to draw it. Loving makes you want to express it with intensity and without limits! But there can be a gap between the intensity of our emotions, the desire to express it emphatically, and the way we really reveal ourselves, sometimes with great modesty... Because saying "I love you" is not always...