Article: Maria Montessori, the unknown with the famous pedagogy - Libération

Maria Montessori was an Italian physician and educator. She developed the Montessori Method using a scientific approach to studying child development. Her method emphasizes respect for the individuality of each child and their ability to learn on their own through hands-on activities and sensory experiences. The Montessori method is now used worldwide in elementary schools and daycare centers. Although the Montessori Method is widely known and...

Emily Blackburn - Music teacher

Video Emily - music teacher Let's talk about Emily! ☀️ Emily teaches English music in our different schools through play 🤍 The children love these moments shared with her! In this video, she will discuss: - why she became a music teacher - her career path - what she likes best about her job - what a music lesson is like in practice Thank you for watching this video and see you soon :)