Admissions & Pre-enrollment


*Re-registrations are subject to internal review.
Deadlines differ from those indicated for new applications.

Schooling 2023-2024

Let's get to know each other

- During a telephone appointment
- During an individual school visit

Apply for pre-enrollment online

After an initial meeting, you can apply online directly on our website under the tab "Apply online".

See the list of required admission documents.

Admissions committee review

The admissions office will review your application and inform you of their decision by email.

Complete enrollment

In order to complete your child's enrollment, the admissions office will gather the administrative documents necessary to validate admission and prepare for the next academic year.

123 mon école considers applications all year long, depending on the number of available openings.

There is no deadline for families living outside France

Admissions criteria

- Application complete and submitted by the requested date
- No selection "test
- Parents' support for the educational project
- Balance of age groups and distribution of girls/boys within the groups.
- Priority to siblings

Schedule an appointment

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If the proposed slots do not suit you,

don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail at:

Individual visit of the school

Monday to Friday

Exchange phone

Monday to Friday

Pre-enrollment contact form

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